Steve Davies Speaking Overview

Experience is What You Get When You Don’t Get What You Want  

I am a business expert specializing in helping businesses achieve growth and then manage the myriad of issues that it drags behind. My extensive background includes founding New York based US Computer Group which grew from inception to become the largest independent service company in the Northeast. Under my leadership the company grew at 45% a year for eight consecutive years to $25mm in revenues and more than 200 employees.

This growth took its toll on the infrastructure and resources of the company and set in place a chain of events that ultimately led to my leaving and deciding to launch a consulting and speaking practice. In my speaking presentations, I draw extensively from both sides of my experience to deliver a compelling picture of the highs of growth and the lows of cash flow problems, the pressure growth places on systems and employee disillusion when the company succeeds.     

I speak about the branding, marketing and sales strategies that led to the company’s explosive growth and shares real world insights about achieving the kind of growth that most owners only dream about. I talk with authority about building an organization to cope with ever-increasing volumes – the lessons learned in running a company that placed on the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest-growing privately held U.S. businesses for five consecutive years.

I also speak from first-hand experience about the other side of the coin - bootstrapping a company with insufficient investment, the risks inherent in growing too quickly and the realities of running a company without cash. I share insights learned from dealing with banks and vendors, mistakes made in acquisitions and the traps inherent in diversification. I share real-world stories from my own experience about the dangers that employees represent and inter-weave into everything the myriad of decisions that can lead a company into trouble.

Before starting US Computer Maintenance, I spent twelve years at Barclays Bank where I was personal assistant to the Chairman and held a number of lending positions. For the last fifteen years, I have run The Alternative Board in Nassau County. In this capacity, I facilitate monthly meetings of owners of similar-sized, non-competing business every month, organize and moderate three annual events that attract more than 300 business owners and speak regularly on issues that confront owners of small to medium-sized businesses.  

I am an experienced speaker, moderator and author. I hold a degree from Oxford University in English Literature and also lectured as an Adjunct Professor at CW Post on 17th and 18th Century English Literature.