This is The Alternative Board (TAB) Long Island Coronavirus Site. It is designed to be a reliable resource for business owners, and what you will find here is carefully sifted information along with tips from the collective wisdom of TAB business owner members.

This is no time to be alone, and this resource will also help business owners figure out how to navigate this crisis so that they can survive and thrive in the coming weeks and months.

By definition, this is a work in progress….so come back regularly to see what has been added.

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This section focuses on all aspects of the second round of PPP loans.  There are articles on general principles, forgiveness and considerations around these loans.


We have about 50 business owner members, and they have been discussing the crisis and figuring out the best way to handle the myriad issues that need to be resolved. Their thoughts and solutions are posted here, and include ideas that have come up in both Board Meetings and individual coaching sessions.


There are more programs available now for Government Loans, Grants, and Loan Forgiveness than ever before. There are also numerous online lenders, who are a more expensive but faster option. Businesses need to know what’s available and what is best for them, and this section will help you through this process.


This contains a list of links to sites that you may find helpful – Government, Medical, News, and General Business. To make a central directory where you can look for any link you need, it will include all links, even if they are also referenced in more detail elsewhere on the site.


A number of Long Island TAB Members have products and services that will help people with the things that they need to address during this current crisis. Others are developing items in response to needs they have seen. This section profiles those services, and if you are interested you should contact them directly.


This crisis has created a very difficult work environment for both management and employees. There are a number of new laws and directives, both at the Federal and Local level, and businesses must navigate carefully around them to make sure that they handle their staff  correctly, and take advantage of new programs that are available.


This section focuses on all aspects of PPP loans.  There are articles on general principles, forgiveness and considerations around these loans.