This crisis has created a very difficult work environment for both management and employees. There are a number of new laws and directives, both at the Federal and Local level, and businesses must navigate carefully around them to make sure that they handle their staff  correctly, and take advantage of new programs that are available.
Governor Cuomo has put in place Four Phases in which each region of the state will be allowed to reopen.  In order to start the reopening process, there are a set of metrics that have to be met, and guidelines for safety requirements that need to be adopted.
This link is to a very good and timely recording of a TAB BOSS webinar “COVID-19 Legal Liabilities You Need to Know When Re-Opening Your Business.  The presenter, Katherine Witherspoon Fry, went through this in a very detailed and lucid fashion, and it is definitely something to watch.
Working virtually creates some different communication challenges.  Below you will find tips about how to work effectively based on the behavioral style of the different people you are communicating with.
These are notes from the TAB LI Town Hall Call on March 23rd, 2020 with Labor and Employment Attorney Glenn Franklin. The talk was ‘How to Navigate the Labor and Employment Climate Caused by Coronavirus’, and these notes provide a valuable summary of employment legislation and best practices for NYS businesses as of that date.