The Time Edge

One of the key things that I noticed when I was running my computer service company was how there never seemed to be enough time.

When I started my consulting practice, both with Edge Initiatives and The Alternative Board, what I noticed was that taking control of their time was one of the major issues facing small business owners, and I developed some tools to help them become more effective in this area.

The Time Edge was born, and I have become an acknowledged expert on Time Management and I find myself in demand as an author and speaker. My approach differs from traditional "Time Management" and I emphasize a holistic approach that starts with a better understanding of the value of individual time and links it to personal values. My workshops and one on one coaching help my clients drive behavior changes that can generate them an additional hour a month for every hour they spend working on the process.

There are some articles on this site, but more detailed information and techniques can be found at