Steve Davies - Biography

I am a seasoned entrepreneur with over forty-five years of business experience in three different and very diverse industries and am the rare case of a Banker turned entrepreneur.

After graduating from Oxford University with a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature, I joined Barclays Bank, where I received invaluable training in all aspects of banking and finance. I obtained my banking qualification becoming an Associate of the Institute of Bankers in London, England and won their prestigious Transatlantic Banking Scholarship for a paper I wrote on problems and challenges facing UK banks in the 70s.

I stayed there for 12 years and was on track for a successful career. After I finished an arduous training program, I helped the Bank write its first medium term plan and had a number of challenging lending assignments. I also had a spell as Personal Assistant to Sir Timothy Bevan, Chairman of Barclays Bank and in that capacity, I helped raise several million dollars for the British Olympic Appeal to send athletes to the 1984 games in LA through a number of events I created and implemented.  

In 1986, I decided that Banking wasn’t how I wanted to spend my life and I left to take a position as President of the US subsidiary of one of my customers and moved to Long Island with my young family for what was intended to be a four-year posting. I knew the company was in trouble but they weren’t entirely honest with me, and when things didn’t work out I founded US Computer Group out of the ashes with some funding from one of my banking customers, and have now been here in the US for over 30 years.

This cutting-edge IT services company grew at 45% a year for eight consecutive years and we became one of the premier companies in our industry. Our growth placed us on the Inc 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the US for five consecutive years and the company was inducted into the Inc Magazine Hall of Fame. Over a ten-year period, we grew from inception to $25 million in service revenues and over 225 employees and I was named a regional winner in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This explosive growth was exciting but we outran our resources – people, systems and cash. All of these are difficult to overcome, but the cash proved the most challenging, and under pressure from my investors, we ended up selling control to a Public Company. Very few entrepreneurs are able to flourish in the environment the new buyers want to create, and I was no exception; within about six months they bought me out and I left them to pursue their vision. 

I was head hunted to be President of a Public Company but I found that I just didn’t have the gene to work for anybody else, and the CEO and I clashed repeatedly. During this time, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and, with the help of a peer group I had belonged to for ten years while running US Computer Group, did an in-depth analysis of my strengths and weaknesses.

My strengths clearly included my financial background and a proven track record in leading my company through explosive growth. More importantly, while running US Computer Group I came across virtually everything that can happen in a business, and dealing with all the issues that come up when things don’t go according to plan makes me a particularly valuable resource. I bring a unique perspective, and I decided to give back and offer my knowledge and experience as a consultant and in 1999 I started Edge Initiatives.

My major skills are in strategic marketing and positioning, creating sales strategies, building successful sales teams, finding and implementing mergers and acquisitions and implementing financial planning and control. Because of a keen first-hand understanding of both the banking mentality and the difficulties of operating a business, I am especially effective in negotiations with banks and cash flow issues.

In 2002, I augmented my consulting business by becoming a franchisee of The Alternative Board where I use all my knowledge and skills to help business owners, CEOs and Presidents become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve their personal vision. 

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