Meet Steve Davies

I am a Business Advisor on Long Island, New York helping business owners, CEOs and Presidents become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve their personal vision. 

As you will see from my biography, I am the rare case of banker turned entrepreneur turned business advisor and…… 

♦ My banking career in England gave me a strong financial background. 
♦ I founded and ran of one of the fastest growing companies in the US. 
♦ As a consultant, I deliver practical, real-world techniques based on hands on experience.

As you will see from the articles here, I have lived the challenges business owners face, and I love to write about what I have learned during a lifetime in business and share some approaches to help make business owners and executives more successful. 

My consulting practice also leverages my hard-won knowledge Through my varied experience I have identified five key areas where people need help and I concentrate my consulting practice to work with people to: 

♦ Find real world advice and support from people facing the same challenges.
♦ Improve hiring processes, 
♦ Build more effective teams 
♦ Turn financial statements into a management tool.
♦ Improve personal effectiveness

I have real-world approaches for each, and I lead three separate companies that deliver solutions to address these essential components to driving greater success: 

♦ The Alternative Board (TAB) is a membership organization that puts business owners together to help each other run their companies more successfully

♦ Edge Initiatives is a consulting firm specializing in growth planning and practical techniques for business owners with an emphasis on Hiring, Team Building and Developing Financial Metrics  
♦ The Time Edge. is an innovative Time Management resource that takes a fresh approach to improving personal effectiveness

The articles you will find here reflect my business philosophy. I also speak extensively on business issues and you can find information about my speaking topics on the Steve Davies Speaking tab on this website.  

Contact Information ♦ Phone: 516 208 2810 ♦ Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am Expert in ♦ Business Owner Advice ♦ Running Your Business Better ♦ Business Strategies ♦ Business Planning ♦ Improving Hiring Processes ♦ Building Winning Teams ♦ Using Numbers to Manage More Effectively ♦ Innovative and Effective Time Management.