I am an entrepreneur and work with business owners to help them run their business better. This site contains articles based on my experience covering the range of issues that come up in business. 
I am a Business Advisor on Long Island, New York helping business owners, CEOs and Presidents become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve their personal vision. 
I am a seasoned entrepreneur with over forty-five years of business experience in three different and very diverse industries and am the rare case of a Banker turned entrepreneur.
Edge Initiatives LLC is a management consulting company that I lead. I founded it in 1999 to make my expertise available to help business owners and executives of small to medium sized companies become more successful.
One of the key things that I noticed when I was running my computer service company was how there never seemed to be enough time.
I have been running The Alternative Board on Long Island since 2002, and have worked with hundreds of small business owners during that time.