Use 80/20 to Manage Your Time

I’ve talked for years about how Time Management is a poor name because you can’t manage time. What you can manage is the way that you spend your time, and the activities that you allow in your day. Using 8020 principles is the best way to figure out how to restructure your day.

The goal is to find the things you do that had the greatest value to your business, and it is helpful to think about the activities in your day in exactly the same way as you think about your customers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to run a list of these easily in the same way that you can billing, but it is an exercise well worth going through.

In my Time Management universe, I call these “Platinum Activities”, but they are really the 80s in exactly the same way that your customers are and should be treated the same way. With your top customers, you are figuring out how to pay more attention and add more value to them, and with your top activities you should effectively be doing exactly the same thing.