Specialization to Grow Your Business

While your company may have many different lines of business, it is very important that you appear to have as much specialization as possible in whatever product or service you are promoting at any given time.  Let’s say you are a full-service accounting firm that, alongside your core accounting services, also specializes in clients in the construction industry.

Obviously your marketing collateral will talk about your general accounting services, but when you are  promoting your construction business you really want people to feel that construction accounting is the main thing you do. Your website has to communicate that to anybody who has found you while looking for construction expertise, and any landing page where they come into your website has to deliver that message.

One example that shows the power of doing this comes from a story I heard years ago about a training company based in Florida. It was a Friday afternoon, and things weren’t going well for the business. While they were very good at training in a wide range of different technical areas, business was slow. The two partners were sitting in their empty office and discussing whether it was time to close the business down and go and do something else when the phone rang.

One of the partners picked it up, and the voice on the other end said, “Hello, this is the Department of XYZ in Atlanta. We’re looking for somebody who can train 300 of our people on the latest tax implications of tax-free bonds.”

Quick as a flash an idea came to the partner and he said, “Hold on a moment while I put you on to that department”.  He put them on hold and said to his partner, “Pick that up and say, “Tax Exempt Bond Training department.”

They got the business and it saved their company.