Give Your Best Customers VIP Contact Privileges

When I tell people that they should never answer the phone if they don’t know who’s on the other end I often get the objection that people have to be available for their customers.  I don’t necessarily agree with this and think that it is often a question of setting expectations in people’s minds as to how available you are.

If it is essential that your best customers can get a hold of you whenever they want then set up two VIP contact mechanisms exclusively for your most important customers.

VIP Phone Line

Have your phone carrier give you a specific number and identify it by a distinctive ring or some other method of making it stand out.  Give it only to your most important customers and let them know that they are one of a select band of people who have it. 

VIP Email Address

Organize a new email address called VIP@yourdomain.com and organize your Inbox so that it shows up specially flagged. Give that VIP email address to your best customers and let them know that they are one of a select group of people who are receiving it so that you can serve them more effectively.

The beauty of this approach is that it allows you to be more effective in your time management while at the same time making your best customers feel more important as they are one of a select group that has special access to you.