Face Time Measurement   

We keep hearing how millennials like to do everything digitally and that the era of face-to-face communication is dead. When his obituary was published prematurely, Mark Twain famously said: ‘the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated’, and this may be true here too.

While there are certainly truths about the way social media has changed the norms of communication, psychologists say that humans still have the need for face to face interaction. Whatever the case in the workplace generally, this reported trend certainly shouldn’t alter the way you measure your salespeople.

The online world is a great place to start relationships and identify people you want to meet….but just like dating, you have to meet them if you want to build a real relationship. For this reason, it is essential that your salespeople actually meet people face-to-face rather than having endless email and phone conversations.

I call it “Face Time” and since you manage what you measure, it is a critical activity to track in your sales meetings. When your salespeople report on their prospects and how they rank them, the number of hours of FaceTime should be a prominent line item on their report. Ideally it should be a separate column with the total Face Time per month per client, and a total at the bottom for face to face meetings. 

On the postmortem report when you lose business, one of the major questions you should ask is how the decision was communicated by the client. This is a good way to establish whether a relationship was established – as if they are all coming in by e mail or voice mail then you know that the salesperson may not be generating the right level of rapport.