Employee Behaviors

I started my own company from the ashes of another corporation I was running, and brought about seven people over with me. I then grew that organization to 225 employees over the next 11 years, and probably had in the region of 400 different people working for me in the company.

We provided on-site computer maintenance, and most of the employees were technical in nature. This was a curious hybrid. The career attracted blue-collar workers who were technically competent and drawn by the independence inherent in working in the field rather than in-house.

Over the years, a number of odd, entertaining, disturbing and downright weird things happened. Each of them carries with it, in its own way, a management lesson or perhaps a management warning, and I thought it would be interesting to share them along with some of the learning points that I personally got from them.

Names, where used have been changed to protect the identities of the people being described and, of course, to protect me from any kind of action for slander.