One of the most frequent weasel words you hear as an employer are some variant of: “it’s not for me but for my family”. Beware when you hear this…it often signals the need for a pay raise, but it can also be an indication that what is coming is not only self-serving but that it will probably cause you some pain and may in some way be unethical.

Employee Behaviors

I started my own company from the ashes of another corporation I was running, and brought about seven people over with me. I then grew that organization to 225 employees over the next 11 years, and probably had in the region of 400 different people working for me in the company.
It’s bad enough that the government makes us add a ‘gratuity' on top of the salary of the people that we hire.  So many people compound the problem by adding even more 'gratuity' without receiving any additional value for it.

The Token Woman

One of the more challenging people that I had working for me was my lead technician, who I will call Joe. He was prejudiced against most people, but top of the list seems to be black people and women in the workplace [although he was happy to use them as sexual objects].