Nine Women Can't Have a Baby in one Month

It is tempting to think that anything can be accomplished simply by throwing more people at it, but some things just can’t be hurried. When planning projects and scheduling, always keep in mind the maxim “nine women can’t have a baby in one month”. 

I have often observed that “anything can be accomplished in business as long as you have unlimited time, people and money” and go on to point out that small businesses have none of those things. In any small business, those are the scarcest resources of all, and the biggest danger lies in over-committing them.

When planning a project of any kind, it is critical to plan it sequentially and take great care how you schedule those scarce resources. The issue lurking below the surface is that there may be organizational bottlenecks in your company that make the successful implementation simply impossible.

Does the sequence of events call on one department or individual too frequently? Does the project rely too greatly for input from one part of your organization? That may identify a bigger problem that you need to address, but as far as each project is concerned, you must identify who will be required to be involved at each phase.

If you find that there is a bottleneck, address it! Failure to do this can result in resource bottlenecks that can make the time deadlines you have set unrealistic and can dramatically increase the cost of the project.     

Remember…. “nine women can’t have a baby in one month”.