Getting the Right Person in the Right Seat

I hear many business owners talking about getting the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats.  This important concept comes from Good to Great by Jim Collins, and while it has become popular in business usage, I’m not sure how many people are actively pursuing this philosophy in real time.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to match the right person to the right seat, and it is even more difficult when the new person is a new hire.  Fortunately, there is an excellent tool that you can use to identify exactly what kind of person you want in the position…and when you have candidates or current employees you are evaluating, you can also use a companion tool to measure them against your ideal candidate specification.

The concept is job matching, and the tool you can use comprises a number of questions designed to deliver the answer “if the job could talk, what kind of person would it say it needs to do it?” This report will give you an excellent benchmark of what you want in a candidate. As well as ensuring that you get the right person in the right seat it will also prevent you from hiring the wrong person – a mistake that experts calculate costs as much as three times their annual salary.

The Job Report delivered when the questionnaire has been completed contains information on

  • The behaviors your ideal candidate must have to do the job effectively.
  • The driving forces they should have to be successful and fit within your culture.

For high value jobs, you can also add in two additional elements.

  • A report on their soft skills and abilities in the workplace.
  • An analysis of their potential for personal and professional growth.

This Job Report gives you a complete picture of the ideal person you want to hire, and also includes questions you can ask candidates in each of the areas you have included in the report.  When you have candidates you like, you can run Talent Reports which assess them along with gap reports which highlight where they differ from the ideal profile which you produced.

With this tool, you can really get the right people in the right seats and start to build a team that can function effectively together and deliver greater success for your company.