Only hire relatives if they are also absolutes

When somebody starts a business and needs to start hiring employees there is a temptation to bring in family members to fill the open slots. You think you know who they are and feel that you can trust them….but do they have the talent and experience to do the job you expect them to perform?

It is hard enough to hire competent employees to fill open positions and many otherwise competent business people are very poor when it comes to this critical area. They have no process and hire the people they like the best rather than the ones best suited for the job (see “Take the Headaches out of Hiring”). Moreover, having advertised a position, they end up hiring the person they think is the best of the people who apply (see “Tallest Pygmy”).

What are the odds that a family member is going to be the best for the position you are looking to fill? I believe that they lie somewhere between very small and infinitesimal and you have to be far more careful if you are thinking of hiring a relative than with any hire.      

They need to be completely qualified and should beat out all other real candidates before being hired. Merriam Webster defines “absolute” as “free from imperfection”. If you must hire relatives, make sure that they are perfectly suited to the job and match this definition of absolute.