Everything is Working Perfectly…All Pigs Fed And Ready to Fly

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There are very few businesses where everything is working perfectly, but a great number where the owner thinks that everything is fine. This mindset can best be summed up by the text of an advertisement I saw years ago that said (as near as I can remember):   

Another Month Ends…..

All targets met

All systems working

All customers satisfied

All staff eager and enthusiastic……

All pigs fed and ready to fly

Complacency can creep in at any point in the cycle and we fool ourselves into believing that everything is fine when we know intellectually that it cannot be true in every area of our business.    

Rather than believing the absurd, set up a measurement system that checks the essential components of your business and put that in your monthly package of information. If you don’t produce a monthly information package you really should – see the article on building key performance indicators at http://www.stevedaviesonline.com/financial-management/monthly-dashboard-key-result-indicators.html

If you already have Key Performance Indicators ask yourself some deeper questions that get behind the numbers on the page:

§  Targets may be met, but are you measuring the pipeline?

§  Are your systems really working? What would be the telltale signs if they weren’t?

§  How are you measuring customer satisfaction? Is what you are doing sufficient?

§  How are you measuring staff morale?  How do you know they are happy? 

It is essential to challenge your assumptions. Put a report in place but then ask yourself whether it is really telling you what you want to know….unless you are running your business by waiting for a flock of pigs to fly by.