Backlogs that aren’t getting bigger are the easiest to eliminate

Backlogs that aren’t getting bigger are the easiest to eliminate

A client of mine had a huge backlog in one area of his business. It was frustrating him greatly and he couldn’t seem to get it under control. As we discussed the problem, it emerged that the backlog had been there for years but wasn’t getting any bigger, and this led to a major AHA on his part.  

As we talked, he realized that if the backlog wasn’t growing, then if it was eliminated it would never come back. It wasn’t helping him, his customers or his business, and orders would be processed much more quickly if there was no backlog. It took some courage, but he realized that there was no logical reason why it couldn’t be eliminated.

This led him to a new resolve and he committed more resources to catch up and eliminate the backlog. It cost some additional up front money, but in six weeks the problem and the backlog were eliminated and have not returned in the three years we have been working together since then.

A backlog that never changes in size has simply become an accepted part of your business model. It is a built-in inefficiency, and the return on the up-front investment necessary to eliminate it will bring nothing but positive results.

Take a look at all the backlogs in your company and see whether they really need to be a feature of your business.