Are your employees “Homing from Work”?

Current work trends are that we emphasize flex time and encourage staff to work from home but most owners and managers do a poor job of stopping their employees homing from work.

It used to be that for people working 9 – 5 there were certain things that they had to do during business hours. Now that we live in a 24/7 environment that is no longer as true; there are still some personal things that can only be done during the work day, but the vast proportion can now be done from home.

The temptations posed by fast internet connections and oceans of unsupervised time at work lead to a number of temptations which few seem able to resist. Other than the perennial one of making and receiving personal telephone calls, the leading culprits would seem to be:

  • Monitoring private e mails on Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail...
  • Sending and receiving text messages on cell phones
  • Playing computer games
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Online Shopping

Worst of all is the chilling statistic that the prime time for job applications is Monday mornings when people use the fast internet connections at work to apply for jobs.

Resolution of Internet abuse comes down to the old adage “you get the behaviors you inspect, not the ones you expect. You should start with a written Internet policy which is circulated to and signed by all employees that makes clear what is and is not allowed…and you should enforce it.

At the other end of the scale you can block out certain sites or install software that records exactly what sites people visited, and that may be the way of the future.