Find and Protect Your "Prime Time"

We all have a time of day when we are at our most productive. For most people, this is limited to about three hours, and it comes at different times of day for different people. This is the time when you have the most energy, the time of day when you can really get things done. I call that Prime Time, and identifying it and protecting it is a critical component of The Time Edge process.  

It is really important for you to identify what your Prime Time is and then plan your day around it. For some people, it is first thing in the morning; for others it is late at night. In my case, my best time is in the morning, and I try to run my day using my Prime Time for things that require creativity so that I maximize my productivity and effectiveness.    

Having identified your Prime Time, the first thing you need to do is to plan your day around it. It all starts with understanding the value of your time. You need to set it aside so that you can use it to work on your Platinum Activities - the most important things in your business life and accomplish the things that can really make a difference.

Then you need to figure out how to protect it. It is all too easy to allow routine activities and interruptions to intrude, and you need to be proactive about making sure that this doesn't happen.

It may be that your most productive time of day coincides with the time when you have to  interact with customers and prospects, and if that is the time of day when you are at your most creative, it can create a problem. Some of your Prime Time may need to be spent in this way, but if you spend all of it selling and reacting, then you will never spend your most productive time on some of the most important things in your business and you are, effectively, being run by "the tyranny of the urgent".

Prime Time can potentially yield significantly more value than even your most important sales time. If all your Prime Time  is used selling and putting out fires, you should take a long hard look at this and perhaps re-evaluate some aspects of your business model.