As I work with business owners, we often talk about accomplishing their personal vision of taking more time off, and there are any number of things that make this difficult. The biggest challenge lies in organizing the business to be able to function without you, but there are some simple things you can do that will make it much more likely to happen.
We all have a time of day when we are at our most productive. For most people, this is limited to about three hours, and it comes at different times of day for different people. This is the time when you have the most energy, the time of day when you can really get things done. I call that Prime Time, and identifying it and protecting it is a critical component of The Time Edge process.  
I’ve been talking for years now about taking control of your time choices. I recently had an example in my own life of just how important it is to control the flow of information that can hijack you, and I realized that I am finally listening to myself; perhaps now I can stop wearing the t shirt ‘Take my advice, I’m not using it”.
Time management experts (including me) stress the importance of having a “To Do” list and you can’t move these days without being assailed by the plethora of options available.  This list, updated and prioritized daily will help you identify and execute the most urgent things but it will not help you identify the things that you should eliminate from your day.
Newsday Article Published March 7, 2016
I have always thought that cancelling appointments because it was snowing was a sign of weakness and been very conscious that my personal brand couldn’t allow me to be perceived as “snow wimp”. As a result, I have always gone out of my way to make sure that the weather never prevented me, to quote the Post Office, from the “swift completion of my appointed rounds”.  

The Time Edge Process

The Time Edge website contains comprehensive information about how you can change your relationship with time. There are articles describing the five steps in the process:

The Time Disconnect

How would your business change if you had more time? How could the time you gain improve your revenues and profitability? How would it feel if you had time to think strategically, to plan your business to meet your dreams? How would that change your business and your life?
People who get to you in person represent the most insidious interruptions. They are more difficult to ignore than phone and e mail and you need more effective techniques.  

The Time Edge

The phrase "Time Management" conjures up a picture of lists and methods of prioritizing what you have to do.  But these lists and methods, while important, are tactical rather than strategic.  They are simply a methodology that amounts to nothing more than organizing preset activities.

Steve Davies Time Management

I write extensively on time management, and have developed a concept and a process that I call The Time Edge. The articles that I have written can all be found there, along with information about time management resources, workshops and events that I run and the Time Management Solutions blog.