The Top Three Negotiating Errors

If you go into a negotiation with an emotionally based win:win approach and your adversary is a better negotiator than you are, you will lose. There are three key areas that will potentially make you come out second best, and I see these key errors made on a regular basis.

1.      Being in the position of need rather than want

2.      Focusing too much on the result  

3.      Not having a negotiation process 

These mistakes all occur directly as a result of going into a negotiation with an emotion-based approach. They can all be overcome if you develop a process-based starting point instead.

Avoiding them does involve a distinct change in approach, but with some work and effort, they can all be effectively overcome.

As you consider these questions and read the articles in this section, consider these questions, which all form part of the negotiation workshop that I do under the Edge Initiatives banner. 

Negotiation Workshop Exercise

What Was Your Toughest Negotiation?


What was it about?


Who was it with?


How important was it to you?


How important was it to them?


Did it matter more to you or to them?


How would you describe the outcome?




What you did right


What you wish you had done differently


What were their tactics?


Were you “needy”?


Who was in control?


Did you go through a process?