Are you Hard of Listening?

We all use the phrase ‘hard of hearing’. We generally apply it to older people, but there is an affliction that affects people of all ages… inability to listen. I call that being ‘hard of listening’ and it is something well worth taking time to correct.
All of us have jargon that we use as shorthand in our business, but if we aren't careful that can spoil over into our "communication" with our customers and prospects and be both confusing and counter-productive.
What you call your customers determines the way you think about them. The way you think about them defines the way you treat them. The way you treat them defines whether they will stay with you or go somewhere where they are appreciated more.
A question can be a statement in disguise. When you ask a “statement” question it can have the wrong impact on the person you are asking the question. Unless your intention is to give offense, it is important that you re-frame such questions so as to make sure that you aren’t behaving in a counter-productive manner.