When tough economic times arrive, there are so many different actions that business owners need to take that it can become bewildering. What is needed is a road map and here is a checklist of 50 important items for surviving and prospering in a challenging economy.

Risk Factor Analysis

Risk Factor Analysis Questionnaire
Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet

Preparing for a Business Downturn

Business downturns come in many shapes and forms – from a recession that affects the whole economy to something very specific that only affects your industry. This year, the business soothsayers are warning us to watch out for murky credit markets, a decline in the gross domestic product, and a decrease in consumer spending—none of which is good news for the small business owner. 
It seems as though we have been in a recession for so long that new initiatives to make your business leaner and more competitive are harder than ever to find. This is the same for everybody, and now is a good time to take a step back and look at first principles again.